Fight or Flight…

It is hard to describe the reality of the state of our country and its government.

The main thing keeping us (Nina & I)  here at the moment is MLK and Bryan Stephenson’s shared belief in the hope that whatever we do today will make a necessary difference tomorrow, whether we live to see it or not.

All the same, it’s really hard to say whether that is enough and whether it’s worth it.

Up until the 1960s, people were pretty much consigned to having to stay and fight in order to secure food, shelter, and livelihood for themselves and their families. Either that, or take on the hardship of a migration (such as the Great Migration, the Dust Bowl migration, or the Appalachian migration). Today, at least for those privileged to be in developed countries, advances in transportation and technologies make it easier to provide for their families somewhere else.

Think of it like this. You wake up and your house is on fire. You get your family out the door to safety. Even if you manage to grab a handful of things, you pretty much escape with nothing but your lives. The home and everything is gone. You have no choice but to move on and start over.

What if your home is in a flood plain along a river where you’ve experienced some floods, some worse than others? And you KNOW there’s a real possibility of one coming that will take everything away. So you have a plan and you do the best you can to protect your home. And then that day comes: your home is completely washed away and your and your family escape with barely more than your lives. Again, you have no choice but to move on and start over.

But, what if, while you were planning for the flood and working to protect your home, you just said, “Screw it. It’s not worth it.” And you started looking for another place to live. Of course, you would be leaving behind everything that made that home and community meaningful to you. But, you would be able to take more than the shirt on your back and you could go somewhere of your choosing.

If you know the flood is coming, it’s a tough choice. But at least it’s a choice. Would you rather live like a stranger in a new land or a refugee in your homeland?

I think we have two years or less before the floods come…

What do you think?
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