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Considering W&M?

The admissions office has done all the heavy lifting. They wouldn’t admit anyone they didn’t believe could graduate. The reality

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Missing Link

Excellent distraction from the grim realities of the day for this quarantined household. Top-notch stop motion animation. Streamed on Hulu

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The latest from Pixar. Typical Pixar: above average, but nothing new and nothing to write home about. You’d probably enjoy

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Vin Diesel actioner, based on a comic book. Some interesting twists, decent graphics. With most characters caricatures, it does rely

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The Hunt

The Hunt was wild. Wickedly violent and no one spared. Jonathan Swift goes to Hollywood. 9/10

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Absolutely delightful! Anya Taylor-Joy added an incredible depth and believability to Emma. For that matter, the entire cast was spot

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