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The Invisible Man

The ultimate gaslighting flick. Enjoyable, entertaining, decent twists. The one thing we hated. HATED. was the volume of the music

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Ironic, the movie followed the title… Typical bad Will Ferrell flick where you are uncomfortable and only waiting to see

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So glad Belle recommended this to me! Excellent, all the way around.(However, I wouldn’t recommend watching this while eating…) 9/10

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Oscars – 2020

The Winners Best Picture — ParasiteLeading Actor — Joaquin Phoenix, JokerLeading Actress — Renee Zellweger, JudySupporting Actor — Brad Pitt,

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Birds of Prey

Margot. Freakin. Robbie. What a blast of a movie. Margot Robbie just nailed the looks and the cinematography was perfect.

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Gretel and Hansel

Dark. Very dark. Interesting retelling, probably closer to some of the Brothers Grimm source material than the happily-ever-after fairy tale

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The Rhythm Section

Dark, violent, and entertaining. A bit more real-world than Atomic Blonde. The story moved quickly and the title was explained

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