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Fight or Flight…

It is hard to describe the reality of the state of our country and its government. The main thing keeping us (Nina & I)  here at the moment is MLK and Bryan Stephenson’s shared belief…

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Risk Assessment

First, read this: Know the Risks Here’s my breakdown on the risks: Walking = relatively safe Bike Riding = relatively safe Picking up To Go = relatively safe Public Transportation = relatively RISKY In proximity…

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This is from Thursday’s White House press briefing transcript—capturing just one reporter’s question and Trump’s word-for-word response: Q: “Mr. President, 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. We haven’t heard you talk a…

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states visited

i’ve still got a few to hit… Create Your Own Visited States Map

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COVID-19 | Divided We Are

The following are a sampling of quotes I pulled off social media this weekend. They come from both the left and the right. I tried to keep them limited to the pandemic, but some other…